Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Danger On Day One Of A Clinton Presidency

In an on-line article from the Concord Monitor, Hillary Clinton made clear what changes she would make in the first days of her presidency.

Here's what she says she will do:
  • End the "gag rule" which prevents the government from funding international groups that help women receive abortions or give abortion counseling
  • Sign a bill to increase funding for embryonic stem-cell research
  • Repeal portions of the Defense of Marriage Act
The few gains we have made in protecting the unborn and strengthening the family during the Bush administration will all be reversed with the stroke of a pen - and that's only on day one. I could not imagine what the rest of the 3 years, 364 days would be like but it is very scary.

A nation must not only be strong militarily, it must also be strong morally. As much as people don't want to hear it, we are one nation under God. Our country was built on Christian values and ideals and we have had God's blessings on us as a nation. We cannot turn our back on these values - we must hold them dear and defend them.

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