Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ready To Lead?

Hillary Clinton has been repeating the phrase that she is "ready to lead" on day one. She touts her tenure as first lady and Senator as credentials for being able to lead and appropriately answer the midnight emergency call.

Clinton's own website says this under the heading "Ready To Lead": "As First Lady and U.S. senator, Hillary visited more than 80 countries and met countless world leaders as America's representative. In the Senate, Hillary has continued to promote America's interests through her work on international affairs."

Reading those sentences doesn't give me the impression she is able to lead. It simply lets me know she did a lot of traveling. The role of First Lady is not an elected office, so she should not have been the decision maker (or hopefully she wasn't) when Bill Clinton was president. How does being First Lady make her ready to lead? In the Senate she has done her job as a Senator, but again, Senators do not make foreign policy decisions or send troops into battle.

Saying you are ready to lead and providing fluff for credentials is not reassuring and is nothing more than rhetoric and hype.

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