Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chris Widener Running for Senat in 2010

Chris Widener is a fantastic motivational speaker, I enjoy listening to him and have learned a lot from him. I was pleasantly surprised to hear he is running for the Senate. In an email from today, here's part of what Chris had to say:

"The future I envision doesn't include handouts and corporate bailouts that merely tighten the government's stranglehold on our everyday lives and does nothing to improve our nation's economic well-being. Government should focus its attention only on the essentials and do those things well, leaving to the private sector – innovative, creative people like you and me – to do what we do best: lead America to greatness."

There are a few more issues I would like to hear where he stands, but what I've seen so far, I can really appreciate his positions on the economy and business. You can find more information about Chris here:

I will post more when I hear more about Chris' position on more issues.

Foxx Co-sponsors And Votes For Haitian Charitable Bill

The following is from a press release from NC Congresswoman Virginia Foxx.

Foxx co-sponsors, votes for Haitian charitable giving bill

WASHINGTON—United States Rep. Virginia Foxx (N.C.-5) voted this week to pass a bill (H.R. 4462) to allow American taxpayers to deduct charitable donations for Haiti relief from their 2009 taxes.

“Americans always respond in generosity in times of great need,” Foxx said. “The outpouring of donations and humanitarian relief in the aftermath of Haiti’s terrible earthquake last week put this generous spirit on display.”

“H.R. 4462 is a common sense response to the tragedy in Haiti. This legislation will serve to spur even greater American generosity and ensure that the compassionate Americans who donate their hard-earned money to relief in Haiti get a timely tax deduction.”

Foxx is also an original co-sponsor of H.R. 4462, which will accelerate the tax benefit for certain charitable cash contributions made for the benefit of the victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti. The bill passed by a unanimous bipartisan vote. It is similar to legislation enacted in the immediate aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami in early 2005.

This legislation would give taxpayers who make earthquake-related contributions of cash through the end of February the opportunity to claim the charitable deduction on their 2009 returns (which most taxpayers will file in April of this year).

For additional information on H.R. 4462, please visit the Joint Committee on Taxation’s Web site at