Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chris Widener Running for Senat in 2010

Chris Widener is a fantastic motivational speaker, I enjoy listening to him and have learned a lot from him. I was pleasantly surprised to hear he is running for the Senate. In an email from today, here's part of what Chris had to say:

"The future I envision doesn't include handouts and corporate bailouts that merely tighten the government's stranglehold on our everyday lives and does nothing to improve our nation's economic well-being. Government should focus its attention only on the essentials and do those things well, leaving to the private sector – innovative, creative people like you and me – to do what we do best: lead America to greatness."

There are a few more issues I would like to hear where he stands, but what I've seen so far, I can really appreciate his positions on the economy and business. You can find more information about Chris here:

I will post more when I hear more about Chris' position on more issues.

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