Friday, June 5, 2009

We Need 2 R's

I was listening to a radio show yesterday on the way home and heard a comment that sparked this post. The radio host stated Christians today need to do several things, and two of those are read and reason. Let me take these two R's a bit farther and say that not only do Christians need to read and reason, but all Americans need to do more of these as well. Let me explain!

As citizens, we need to read. We need to read newspapers, blogs (especially this one!), news sites, and books. Knowledge is not neutral - you have to be actively involved. Too many people today allow themselves to be told what's important, what's fact, what's true, what's historically accurate, etc. They allow themselves to be told what their opinion is on the issues of our day instead of forming their own opinion. We must get our brains out of neutral and start reading so we can make informed decisions on the issues of our day. Here's an example. Have you formed your own opinion on abortion based on what you've read about it or is your opinion on abortion based on your political affiliation?

Next, as citizens we need to reason. Why should we be against abortion? Why is it important that we elect honorable people? Why is it important that we have a moral government? We need to reason why these and other issues matter. We need to reason - determine - that we will stand for what is right. (Remember, truth is truth no matter how many are against it!)

I challenge all of us to pick an issue and read about it and make your own opinion about it. Then do something about it - get involved!

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tedmag said...

It is frightening how many newsstories these days are like throwing gasoline on sparks! It is as if too many people are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for their buttons to be pushed "I'm against it(whatever it is." Thank you for being a breath of fresh air. Read and Reason Forever!!!