Friday, June 5, 2009

Christians Persecuted in Burma and China

I've written several posts on the persecution of Christians in Burma (Myanmar) and want to give some updates. Unfortunately, they are not encouraging updates. I also wanted to call to your attention to the persecution of a Christian in China.

This year the government of Burma has continued in its path of persecution for Christians. The persecution of Christians has come in the form of closing churches, stopping Christians from meeting in homes/apartments, and refusing permits to build new churches.

You can read more on Burma's Christian persecution at the following:
Burma tightens restrictions on Christian Worship
Christians in Rangoon avoid churches

Now I would like to call your attention to China's persecution of one of it's Christian citizens, Gao Zhisheng. Gao Zhisheng is a Christian and has been imprisoned and tortured by the Chinese government for his faith. I ask that you visit to find out more information on his compelling story and get involved by signing an on-line petition.

The persecution of Christians didn't end with the fall of the Roman Empire. There are several nations in the world where it is a crime to have faith in Christ. I encourage you to find a good organization that works to help persecuted Christians and become involved. Let's raise the awareness of our brothers and sisters in Christ - pray for them and do something for them!

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