Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday To The Conservative Voice

November 3 marked the first year of my blog, The Conservative Voice! When I started I didn't really think I would have been blogging for one year and writing almost 200 posts! Thanks to all those who have read, commented or will read my blog. It was born with the idea of giving a conservative view on the politics of our day and that is the idea I intend to remain true to.

Barry Goldwater wrote, "I have been much concerned that so many people today with Conservative instincts feel compelled to apologize for them. Or if not to apologize directly, to qualify their commitment in a way that amounts to breast-beating. " (The Conscience of a Conservative) Conservatives must speak out unapologetically on the issues of our day. We cannot climb into our conservative bunkers for the next four years. We must be active and actively involved in our culture both socially and politically.

Don't wait for 2012 - get involved today!

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JARNCO5 said...

This website created for conservatives!