Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vote For Huckabee in MSNBC Poll

The following is from an email I received from Huck's Army.

Greetings Troops,

Today is Tuesday, and the beginning of the third round of the highly profiled MSNBC veepstakes competition. Mike’s army of supporters have moved him forward in the tournament successfully up to this point. Today he meets the establishment favorite Mitt Romney in the highest profiled head to head contest to date. The results of this poll will get national television coverage, and will also be seen as an indicator of the level of support that the respective candidates would bring to the GOP ticket if selected as VP. Please take a moment to vote in the poll today, and throughout the remainder of this week. Consider that as an open poll, democrats can also vote for the candidate they believe would be the weaker opponent, so we may actually be fighting on two fronts in this contest. It will truly be a mamoth task to win this round and make a statement about the depth ofMike’s support.

Vote here now! : And be sure to forward this email out to all of the friends and family on your email lists. Copy the link to any social networking sites that you may frequent, and otherwise get this contest as much visibility as possible for our first choice in 08. Governor Mike Huckabee.

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This is our most significant battle to date.Losing is not an option!-- Thanks, the HucksArmy Forum Team

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