Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Economy In Proper Perspective

I've just read a great article by Patrick Toomey entitled, "The Greatest Story Never Told": Today's Economy In Perspective. It is a refreshingly positive look at our economy in contrast to the daily gloom and doom you hear on TV and in the papers. It is positive, but not in a Pollyanna way.

Toomey, a Harvard grad and former US Representative (PA), shows how our nation's economy has been going on many years of economic growth. This growth has been fueled by the Reagan tax cuts and George W. Bush tax cuts.

Things are tough in our country economically, but we need to look at what Americans can do to turn our economy around. We need to look on the positive things happening with our economy, not wasting our time wringing our hands and looking for the negative. We need to put our minds on a diet - cutting out all information from the naysayers and economic end of the world prognosticators. Our economy can and will turn around but it will take back bone and not wish bone. Take a moment and read this article and take heart!

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