Thursday, June 26, 2008

Foxx Praises Supreme Court For 2nd Amendment Ruling

The following is from a press release from NC Congresswoman Virginia Foxx.

Foxx praises Supreme Court’s Second Amendment ruling
High Court strikes down D.C.’s longstanding ban on gun ownership

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx made the following statement today after the Supreme Court ruled that Washington, D.C.’s gun ownership ban was unconstitutional and in violation of the Second Amendment:

“The Supreme Court’s decision today restores the constitutional rights of the thousands of law-abiding citizens in Washington, D.C. who for decades have seen their second amendment rights stripped away by an unconstitutional gun ban,” Foxx said.

“Law-abiding Americans have the constitutional right to own guns and it is high time that D.C. residents are given the right to purchase legal guns for legitimate purposes like sport shooting or self-defense. Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a victory for individual rights and for the fundamental personal liberties every American enjoys each day.”

Note: Last year Rep Foxx signed an amicus brief that was submitted to the Supreme Court urging the Court to overturn the District of Columbia’s unconstitutional gun ban. Rep. Foxx is also a member of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus, a group of Members of Congress dedicated to protecting the right of law-abiding individuals to own firearms as granted by the Constitution’s Second Amendment. Foxx has co-sponsored H.R. 1399, a bipartisan bill to repeal the District of Columbia’s gun ban.

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Anonymous said...

two words jury nullification , if you dont like a law, or don't believe in the case you are sitting thru jury duty on ,vote not guilty ,this is your greatest power and you do not have to explain yourself to no one for the way you vote