Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thanks NC Supreme Court Justices!

Last week I attended the NC Home Educators (NCHE) conference in Winston-Salem. There were many wonderful speakers and I want to especially thank NC Supreme Court Justices Paul Newby and Robert Edmunds.

Justice Newby gave a stirring lecture on our justice system. It was a well delivered speech on the reason behind the separation of powers and the fact the judges are not to create laws or thwart the will of the people in their rulings.

After the lecture Justices Newby and Edmunds took time to meet with the young people and adults. They proved to be very humble public servants and I'm glad to have the opportunity to meet them.

Justice Edmunds is running for re-election and I encourage you to vote for him. Again, I have met him in person and he is a very capable and humble man.

Thanks again Justices Newby and Edmunds!

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-Jeb Brooks said...

Thanks for your post about Justice Edmunds. You're right on. The two qualities critical in a judicial candidate are fairness and experience; Justice Edmunds certainly has both. I'm fortunate to know him personally, and I've got to say he's a terrific guy, too. He's unquestionably the most qualified candidate for the position.