Saturday, November 10, 2007

President Bush vs. Congress

I find it odd that the press is so quick to report President Bush's approval ratings and never report on the congressional ratings. Here's a brief look at the current numbers.

President Bush's current average approval rating is 33%; his ratings have stayed in the low 30's for most of this year.

Now let's look at the congressional approval ratings. The average current approval rating for congress is 23.6%! However, I don't seem to remember this ever making the news!

In a recent Ipsos poll (11/5 - 11/7) people gave President Bush stronger approval ratings than congress. The President's rating was 34% compared to 25% for congress. It's interesting to note the demographics of those polled. 75% were registered voters, and more than 50% leaned strongly towards the Democratic party. That hardly seems to be the type of people that would approve of the President's work!

Say what you want about President Bush, he is a decent man who has proven strong leadership for our country. I may not always agree with him, but I know that he is doing what's in our country's best interest. My approval rating for the President would be much higher than the one given him in this recent poll. However, I think my rating for congress would match their 25% rating they earned in the Ipsos poll!

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