Friday, November 30, 2007

No More Deception?

I found these words on Hillary Clinton's website under the Comprehensive Government Reform heading. It says, "Well, how about this for a new approach? No more cronyism, no more corruption, and no more deception."

These are interesting words coming from Senator Clinton. While she was First Lady, Independent Counsel Robert Ray determined Clinton gave "factually false testimony" concerning her role in the Clinton White House Travel Office investigation. And how about Bill Clinton's admission (to avoid indictment) that he made false statements in the Monica Lewinsky case. Then we have Bill's false testimony concerning the Paula Jones sexual harassment investigation. Is this the type of corruption and deception Senator Clinton wants no more of?

While I completely agree that we need a transparent government - one in which there is no deception or corruption - I must disagree that Senator Clinton would be the most qualified candidate to give us that. Any candidate or elected official that practices such things is not worthy of our vote.

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