Monday, November 22, 2010

Foxx Renews "No Earmark" Pledge

The following is from a 11/18 press release from NC Congresswoman Virginia Foxx.

Foxx renews “no earmark” pledge
Foxx first made pledge to stop earmarks in 2007

Washington, DC—Congresswoman Virginia Foxx today renewed her pledge not to request special federal budget carve-outs, better known as earmarks. Foxx first made her no earmark pledge in 2007 and will maintain her no earmark pledge in the 112th Congress.

“Washington’s earmark system is a symptom of out-of-control spending and backroom deal-making,” Foxx said. “It’s time to focus on balancing our federal budget and cutting out earmarks is an important first step.

“Earmarks, while a small part of federal spending, are emblematic of how the federal budget is prone to being loaded up with non-priorities and pet projects. Congress must tackle the record federal budget deficits and take bold action to reduce federal spending. As American families make tough decisions to trim their own budgets, Congress needs to learn to do the same.”

The House and Senate GOP both adopted party-wide earmark moratoriums for the upcoming session of Congress. The Senate GOP earmark ban passed earlier this week and the House GOP ban passed today. The House GOP also banned earmarks in 2010. Foxx supported both the 2010 and current earmark ban.

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