Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Don't Understand

I don't understand. President Bush is blamed for our current economic mess. That is a key part of President Obama's economic plan. Back during the Bush administration, Democrats didn't want to support Bush's tax cuts. Now, the Dems are pushing for an extension of the Bush tax cuts that they opposed years ago (maybe they were for them before they were against them!). I don't understand!

And now, President Bush's tax cuts want to be "re-branded" as Obama's tax cuts. What? Again, I just don't understand.

If President Bush's tax cuts are extended, and they should be for all tax payers, it will be an extension of President Bush's tax cuts. If President Obama wants credit for cutting taxes, maybe he should stop wasting time blaming Bush for the economy and come up with a real plan to cut taxes and fix our economy. Now that I would understand!

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