Monday, August 23, 2010

Senator Burr On Responsible Energy Solutions

The following is from an email issue alert from Senator Burr:

ISSUE ALERT: Senator Burr Working for a Responsible Energy Solution for America’s Future
It should come as no surprise that the liberal special interest groups have endorsed our opponent as she continues to stand with them and actively support job-killing, Cap and Trade energy tax legislation. These groups are the very same groups funded a $2 million smear campaign intended to distort Senator Burr’s record and sway North Carolina voters.

The energy tax legislation our opponent has endorsed would cause increased energy prices, job loss, and decreased revenue for North Carolina.

While our opponent supports this job killing legislation that would cost North Carolina families approximately $1,400 a year in new taxes by 2020, Senator Burr is working to ensure our energy costs are predictable.

Senator Burr has introduced a comprehensive, workable energy policy for our country that encourages economic growth and keeps Americans safe. His bill, the American Energy Act of 2010, would drastically reduce our dependence on foreign oil without adding job-killing taxes that would further damage our economy like the Democrats plan.

Senator Burr is the only candidate in this race that has a plan to secure a clean energy future without levying heavy taxes and imposing burdensome regulations on small businesses.

Stand with Senator Burr today and join a coalition at

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