Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Economy - We've Got To Keep It In Mind

The following excerpt is from an email newsletter from NC Senator Richard Burr. Senator Burr wrote, "On a more somber note, this week, our national debt reached $13 trillion dollar mark. It is abundantly clear that business as usual in our government must stop. I have co-sponsored several bills that would cut government spending, but many of these failed to garner enough support to be approved. Our budget deficits are a tremendous threat to our nation’s future. We must work together to prevent our children from having to pay off more debt simply because we are afraid to make tough choices about our priorities. The current debt crisis in Europe should be a wake-up call to all of us that we must start making hard choices now.

In this regard, last night, the Senate voted to approve the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2010. Originally intended as a bill to fund our military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, by the time this bill got to the floor of the Senate, it was full of spending that is completely unrelated to our troops. I have always been proud to support funding for our troops and our national defense. However, I am disappointed that this year, the supplemental funding bill is – once again – filled with unrelated spending that is not paid for with cuts elsewhere in the budget. I am especially disappointed that money is being taken away from our U.S. veterans to send money overseas. I supported amendments that would have improved the bill and covered its $60 billion cost, but unfortunately, these amendments were once again rejected by the majority in the Senate. I voted against this bill as it takes our country even closer to the edge of financial collapse."

I know there are many things facing our country right now, but one thing we can't take our eye off is our economy. What is being done to lower our debt and get people employed? There is far too much at stake to hope our economy will fix itself.

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