Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just What Happened on January 20?

I know we are a few weeks away from January 20, 2009, but I keep getting more confused about what actually happened on that day! Did we see an inauguration, a coronation or an advent? The answer depends on who you ask.

For many, January 20 was the coronation of King Obama. With much fanfare, pomp and circumstance, installed upon the throne was the man the media would have as king. To many of the media, Obama's coronation started the golden age of America where the king can do no wrong and our nation's capital was overflowing with his loyal subjects.

For others, January 20 was the advent of The One who would save us from all we need saving from. I saw a magazine cover the other day that showed President Obama taking the oath of office and the magazine's cover stated that he was the only one we need for the perilous times we face.

In reality, January 20 saw the inauguration of our 44th President. It was the peaceful and Constitutional transfer of power from one administration to another. As our President, Barack Obama deserves our prayers and our respect as is fitting for those in public office.

My concern is that the media has created a celebrity President who might not be able to live up to all its own hype. The media is really setting President Obama up for failure as they fawn over his every move and statement. The past few days have been rocky ones at best for the new administration.

My prayers are with President Obama, and I do wish him success as he guides our nation through our current issues. I pray he will surround himself with wise and godly counsel and that he will seek guidance from the Lord and do what is right in His sight. As a Christian citizen I can do no less than that.

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