Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is It Really A Stimulus?

The economic stimulus package will only put an extra $13 in your wallet. Now the question has to be asked, is that really a stimulus or has the TARP (along with the wool!) been pulled over our eyes?

I disagreed with the package, and I'm glad a good number of lawmakers did too. The Republican Caucus House Committee on the Budget stated the stimulus was, "little more than an expensive, disjointed Democratic wish-list of government spending – and a missed opportunity to pass the kind of efficient, effective fiscal response Americans deserve." Another key concern is the plan was still heavy laden with "pork" that had nothing to do with our current economic situation.

Here are some articles you can review on the stimulus:
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Please don't get me wrong - I am not trying to be all "gloom and doom" about our nation's economy. I strongly believe in our nation's ability to get out of our current economic mess. We Americans have faced similar struggles in the past, and through God's help we came through them. We need to continue to seek Him and His guidance and wisdom for our nation's leaders and the decisions they are making for us and future generations.

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