Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dole Supports Homeschoolers!

Homeschoolers in North Carolina have increased by 4% last year and there are currently over 71,500 homeschool students in North Carolina. As parents, we take our children's education seriously. It is a right that we have, and we should support those elected officials that support this right.

Senator Dole supports homeschoolers and deserves your support for re-election. Just one example of this is when she sponsored a bill (S. Res 572) which says that homeschooling is a "fundamental and constitutional right of parents." It also states, "...the modern homeschool movement in the United States demonstrates that homeschooled children are a vital component of the United States education system...homeschool graduates act responsibly as parents and as students in colleges and universities, are valuable in the workplace, and are productive citizens in society at large...many studies confirm that children who are educated at home score considerably above the national average on nationally-normed achievement tests, and above the average on both the SAT and ACT college entrance exams."

Senator Dole strongly supports parent's rights to homeschool. I urge you to support her and vote for her this November!

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