Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dole On Energy

NC Senator Elizabeth Dole sent out the following in email:

Dear Friends:

I have heard from so many North Carolinians who are suffering every day with the burden of higher gas prices. That's why I have put forward a comprehensive energy plan that immediately addresses high gas prices and increases energy independence over the long term - and I promise to fight for its passage in the United States Senate (Click here to read my energy plan).

There are clear differences between myself and Mrs. Hagan on the energy issue. While Mrs. Hagan often “talks” about high gas prices, a close look reveals that her energy plan does nothing to produce a single barrel of oil or bring the price of gas down a single cent.
In fact, while Mrs. Hagan was in charge of the North Carolina budget, the state gas tax went up more than eight cents a gallon -- to its highest rate ever and the second highest in the southeast. If she did that in North Carolina, I shudder to think what she would like to do to the national gas tax in Washington.

I encourage you to read my plan and hope you will share your ideas and thoughts with me.
Thank you so much for your support! Working together we can make a difference for North Carolina.

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