Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Nation Of Whiners?

Are we a nation of whiners? To some degree I would have to say yes. Unfortunately there is far too much whining about our problems and not enough efforts to solve them. I believe very strongly in the ability of our nation to overcome any problem that we face but in the last few years it seems we are wanting to be more a nation of victims and not problem solvers.

I believe part of the problem comes from the constant barrage of bad news fed to us on TV and in print. Watch the news one night and you'll be convinced that our nation has seen it's best days, the economy will never improve, you'll probably get food poisoning from eating a tomato, you won't be able to sell or buy a house, and so on. I know - bad news sells papers and gets air time. But we don't have to read it, watch it or listen to it. We need to take a vacation from what the media is feeding us - food poisoning for the spirit. We need to go on a diet from the bad news for a few days. Try it and see if your outlook on life improves! Don't call me Pollyanna - I'm not trying to live in an alternate reality, I know things are tough. However, we can't buy into all the gloom and doom.

It's easy to be a victim, you just don't do anything! Our founding fathers weren't victims, they went into action. Today we don't have to be victims, we can get involved in the process of improving our nation. Call your elected officials and ask that they take action on the issues that are important to you. Start a petition or write a blog, send a letter to the editor of your paper. Do something besides soak in the opinions of the nay sayers and prophets of doom.

America, we can turn things around but it will take back bone, not wish bone! Get involved and get active - do it now!

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