Friday, June 20, 2008

Foxx Votes For Troop Funding

The following is a press release from June 19 from NC Congresswoman Virginia Foxx.

Foxx votes for troop funding, veterans’ education benefits
Legislation funds troops through June 2009, extends education benefits

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx today praised the passage of a long-delayed troop funding bill (H.R. 2642). Foxx voted in favor of the troop funding legislation last night, which includes approximately $165 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan through June 2009 and also includes $52 billion for veterans’ education benefits.

“After months of negotiations we finally have a bill that funds the troops without billions in wasteful Washington pork and political strings attached,” Foxx said. “Commonsense prevailed and our men and women in uniform will have the funding they need for the next year.”

The final compromise version of the troop funding bill cut more than $8 billion in wasteful, unrelated Washington spending inserted by Senate Democrats and did not include tax increases sought by House Democrats.

“Not only does this legislation get our troops the funding they need when they need it, but our military commanders will be free to make strategic decisions without unnecessary and politically motivated meddling,” Foxx said.

The provisions of the compromise version of H.R. 2642, the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2008 are:

Provides Troop Funding for fiscal year 2008-2009. H.R. 2642 ensures that American troops have the resources they need, rejecting demands from Democrats to stop funding our troops as they make significant progress in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Eliminates ALL War Restrictions. This bill gets our troops the funding they need for success without any politically-motivated restrictions.

Includes NO Tax Increases. The legislation includes no tax increases of any kind sought by House Democrats.

Provides New Education Resources for American Veterans. This new education program will help our veterans (or their families) get a better education after they return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Maintains Work Requirements for Unemployment Insurance. At GOP insistence, H.R. 2642 protects taxpayers by maintaining the 20-week work requirement in order for a worker to receive extended unemployment benefits. The agreement also limits the extension of benefits to 13 additional weeks.

Cuts Wasteful Pork. The compromise bill cuts $8 billion in wasteful Washington spending added by Senate Democrats.

Rejects Funding for Planned Parenthood. The legislation eliminates funding sought by Democrats for Planned Parenthood.

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brushfire said...

With no tax increase, where will the money come from to pay for the war?