Monday, June 9, 2008

Foxx Opposes 2009 Budget That Increases Taxes

The following is from a June 5 press release from NC Congresswoman Virginia Foxx. Let me go on record again as saying I am proud she represents me in Washington!

Foxx votes against $683 billion tax increase in budget
Opposes 2009 Federal Budget that increases taxes on every American

WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx today voted against the final 2009 federal budget which includes $683 billion in tax hikes over the next five years. These increases amount to the largest tax increase in American history.

“Here they go again,” Rep. Foxx said. “This budget is stuffed with billions in new spending and, as usual, taxpayers are on the hook. The last thing hard-working Americans paying $4 per gallon for gas need is a massive tax increase.”

The 2009 budget includes $24.5 billion in new spending, a number that grows to $241 billion in increased spending over the next five years. Under the Democrat budget plan, 116 million American taxpayers also would be nailed with an average tax hike of $1,833.

Working families are hit especially hard by the 2009 budget: for instance, a family of four with two children that currently earns $50,000 a year would be forced to pay an additional $2,155 in taxes under the Democrat plan. This is a 191 percent increase in that family’s tax bill.

“By allowing middle-class families’ taxes to skyrocket Democrats are simply polishing their bona fides as tax-and-spend legislators,” Foxx said. “The American people deserve a budget that reins in government spending, addresses our $43 trillion in unfunded Social Security and Medicare obligations, and provides real earmark reform. This is not that budget.”

The Democrat budget resolution for fiscal year 2009 passed earlier today by a slim margin of 214-210, with no Republicans voting to approve it.

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