Sunday, April 27, 2008

Whatever Happened To Personal Accountability?

One thing that we should put on the endangered species list is personal accountability. Unfortunately, it seems to have disappeared in America. Well, you do see it from time to time but it's usually not from someone in the national spotlight. All to often we see personal accountability give way to a victim mentality. "I was misunderstood!" "My words have been taken out of context!" "What I really meant was..." "The media is out to get me!" These are the whiney weasel words we hear instead of the appropriate mea culpa.

Let's get personal accountability off the endangered species list. We can do it! How? When you've made a mistake, take responsibility for your actions. Don't try to hide it, blame someone else for it or pretend it didn't happen. And while we bring personal accountability back in our lives we need to demand it from those who serve the public interests as elected officials.

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