Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rambo Depicts Truth In Burma

According to an article by Ryan Pickett on the US Campaign for Burma website, "Rambo does a decent job of portraying the level of violence and human rights abuses currently occurring in Burma. A montage at the very beginning of the film of actual footage taken from inside Burma fills the screen with horrific images of peaceful protesters being shot at and people fleeing into the jungle with the Burmese military giving chase and opening fire. The film realistically portrays violent actions committed by the Burmese military towards innocent people including rape, land mine usage, and massacring a village by rolling up to it and firing their tanks and guns at the people."

If you want to learn more about the atrocities in Burma and how you can help, check out the following websites:
US Campaign for Burma
Christians Concerned for Burma
Myanmar Christian Mission
Burmanet News

(Please note that I am including these websites for informational purposes only and listing a site does not indicate my endorsement. I have not had a chance to completely review all sites.)

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