Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Burma Updates

On January 4, First Lady Laura Bush issued this statement on Burma. January 4 was the 60th anniversary of Burma's independence. She called on all nations to join in condemning the military junta that is committing atrocities against their own citizens.

On January 31, Mrs. Bush spoke with Panamanian President Martin Torrijos (President of the UN Security Council) on the importance of international action in support of freedom for the people of Burma.

Today, new sanctions were imposed on Burma by the US. These new sanctions are being imposed on the relatives of Burma's military leaders.

The Voice of the Martyrs (www.persecution.com) says this about Burma: "The government of Burma continues to discourage, harass and use other, more severe, forms of persecution on any group or belief they consider harmful to the state. Christianity is high on their list for eradication; all the while the government claims freedom of religion."

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