Sunday, January 20, 2008

Real Change!

Tonight I watched former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on Sean Hannity's program. The topic was "real change." Mr. Gingrich made some very good points - Democrats can't bring about change and Republicans won't. On his website, Mr. Gingrich has posted a letter to President Bush and Congress. He writes that we shouldn't have to wait for the '08 elections to effect change for our country. I agree. Just like we can't wait for New Years to roll around to make resolutions to improve when the time to improve is now!

We need a change and not for change alone. We need a government that spends within its means. We need a system that is short on taxation, litigation and regulation. We don't need new programs or a new agency to deal with the problems our country faces. We need to work for what's best for our country without worrying about who gets the credit. We need to face the truth about the issues that keep getting put off (Social Security solvency for example) and get them fixed once and for all - that's real change!

God has blessed our country and our founding fathers gave us the best form of human government in the world today. By citizens getting involved and making their voices known on the issues we can bring about the change we need.

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