Saturday, January 26, 2008


Yesterday was the premiere of the new Rambo movie. I had an opportunity to see it and I'm still blown away (pardon the pun) by the movie. I have been a Sylvester Stallone fan ever since watching the original Rocky. In this new Rambo movie, Stallone hits the viewers at many different angles. No, I'm not going to opine on the movie as a movie critic as there are plenty of those out there that will.

The opening scenes of the movie show what has been happening in Burma. There has been such a crackdown on the Burmese people that is horrifying. The entire movie plays of these atrocities. While we in America call them atrocities, the people living in Burma would have to call them realities of life. Stallone wanted to bring this out in the movie - make people aware of what's going on in that part of the world. It's not a political action movie, but it is a cause that Stallone is interested in and wants to raise the awareness level.

Something else that I soon realized was this is not the Rambo of the '80s. The Rambo of the '80s comes across as mild-mannered compared to the John Rambo of this movie.

Just as I appreciated the way Stallone closed out the Rocky series with last year's Rocky Balboa movie, I appreciate the way he brings the saga of John Rambo to a close. Part of me would like to see more Rambo and Rocky movies, but I am content knowing they are stepping out of the spotlight on a good note.

I highly recommend you go see Rambo!

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