Saturday, January 26, 2008

Personal Convictions Vs. Political Convictions

Something we need to watch for in candidates are personal convictions as opposed to political convictions; there is a difference.

If a candidate takes a position on a subject based on political convictions, that position will change with whatever the polls are saying. If people are for something, the candidate will be for it. If the Gallup polls say folks are against something, the candidate will surely be against it. Political convictions are not what we need in candidates. Political convictions create flip flops on the issues and positions of convenience on subjects that matter to voters.

A candidate who lets you know their personal conviction on an issue is a candidate who I can support. When they let you know their personal conviction, they are letting you know where they stand and why they take the position they take. The conviction comes from their study of the issue or their strongly held values have shaped their conviction on that issue. They will not change their position based on what the morning news suggests they should believe.

The candidate that stands out to me on this is Mike Huckabee. He lets you know where he stands even if you don't agree with him! At least you know where he stands and you won't have to guess what his opinion is today, tomorrow or next week.

Personal conviction or political conviction - we need leaders with convictions of the personal kind!!

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