Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Must-See Slide Show

There is a must-see slide show at! It confirms why Mike Huckabee deserves your consideration and your vote in your state's primary!

Here are just a few of my favorite Huckisms - Mike Huckabee quotes:
  • "Don't ever let expediency or electability replace our principles."
  • "I can't part the Red Sea , but I do believe I can part the red tape."
  • "If it was all about the money, then we might as well put the presidency up on eBay."
  • "Every single one of us as Americans need to remember that freedom did not come free. As we get on our knees tonight thank God we live in a country where people are trying to break into, and not a country people are trying to break out of."

Take a few moments and watch the slide show - and then support Mike Huckabee!

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Mo said...

The Right Choice in 08
02/02/2008 02:11 PM
We hear the talking heads talking about who likes John McCain, who likes Mitt Romney It's not about who likes who but who agrees with which candidates stance on the issues. John McCain is a democrat in sheep's clothing and one of the most factual statements Mitt has made is when he said that; however Mitt is whatever anyone wants him to be pre-election; after that who knows! I certainly don't agree with the self proclaiming liberal democrats. Do I like them; that's not the question; but do I want them the lead the nation in rebellion against just and right. If I believe the liberals were right I would join them but I know they are not. If the liberals used the ultimate authority as a guage to guide them; they would know they are not right. I want Mike Huckabee to lead the nation; who is about truth and right.